ae-, e-
There is a tendency to simplify spellings with ae- in BrE to e- in AmE, e.g. esthetic for aesthetic and anemic for anaemic, but both types are used.
is a modern prefix based on the term electronic, and is applied to various products and facilities available through the Internet: an e-book is an author's work downloaded in machine-readable form, an e-ticket is an authorization to travel by train or air replacing the conventional printed ticket, and e-voting is a system of recording a vote in an election on the Internet or by other electronic means instead of marking a ballot paper. Its most familiar use, however, is in the now universal term email (which is familiar enough to dispense with the hyphen).
oe-, e-
There is a tendency to simplify spellings with -oe- in BrE to -e- in AmE, e.g. estrogen for oestrogen and ameba for amoeba, but both types are used.

Modern English usage. 2014.

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